Friday, October 04, 2013

Krysten's Post as a Girls With Wings Scholarship Winner!

Krysten's post as a Girls With Wings Additional Scholarship Winner: Krysten's lessons have been funded in part by the generous donations that people have made to Girls With Wings. Additional Awards were designated to four individuals that showed great promise and dedication. We therefore offered them $250 to help in funding at least a small portion of their flight training. Read more about our scholarship program

I was so delighted to find out I was selected by Girls With Wings. I am very grateful for the support and encouragement I have received. It’s amazing how fast this last month has passed by. When I first learned I had received the scholarship I was preparing for my first solo flight. Now, I am ready to begin my cross country flights. Every time I fly I feel more addicted, and want to jump right back in the plane. 

My first solo came after what felt like weeks of anticipation; I was growing eager for the big day. After completing a few landings in the pattern at a nearby airport the day had finally come. My instructor hopped out and it was SOLO time! I had originally had doubts about flying alone but was surprised with how confident I felt. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire solo. The first time around in the pattern was awesome! My landing was exactly how I had practiced; the next few were the same. 

Following my next two solo flights, I had flight lessons that focused on using VOR and GPS for navigation. I reviewed short-field takeoffs and landings as well as soft-field takeoffs and landings. 

At last, it was time for my first night lesson. Flying at night is quite an experience. I love how far I can see and how calm the air is. I feel that flying at night is more relaxing and enjoyable. When practicing my night landings at first I felt slightly uneasy. I was having a difficult time with determining when to flare. After receiving some advice from my instructor I began to feel more comfortable with night landings. 

I have enjoyed my flight training thus far and am excited to start my cross country flights. I have started preparing for these flights by planning routes and becoming experienced in using a flight planner. I hope to take my first cross country flight within the next week. Being able to fly has been a dream of mine for years and I am thankful for The Girls With Wings support!

Congratulations and best wishes for your continued flight training!  We are so proud of you!

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