Thursday, August 01, 2013

Charlotte, the winner of an additional Scholarship Award, Summer 2013!

We are so happy to announce the fourth recipient of an additional Girls With Wings Scholarship Award: Charlotte Kaber!

Girls With Wings offers two scholarship opportunities twice yearly. The Private Pilot Scholarship is to help defray the cost of flight training lessons in pursuit of a private pilot certificate. This scholarship is targeting those individuals who have soloed but have not completed the Private Pilot Course. The Girls With Wings Dreams Take Flight Scholarship is designed to introduce the world of aviation to someone who would benefit from experiencing the joy of flight. The award of this scholarship is intended to fund introductory flight training to encourage achievement of a stated goal, whether in aviation or in another field of study.

We are doing something simply unprecedented this year and we are super excited to finally be able to share the news with you. We are announcing NUMEROUS awards for our summer program instead of the usual two. Why? Because we are fortunate to receive donations and membership fees that people entrust to us because they believe and support the mission of Girls With Wings. There is no need or benefit to keep cash idling in the bank when the following individuals can take flight!

Therefore we are announcing several additional awards to individuals showing great promise and dedication. We are offering them $250 to help in funding at least a small portion of their flight training.

Here is Charlotte's application essay:

Being an adventurous person, I have always loved flying, the excitement, the wonder, the soaring above the clouds….thrilling! My husband and children shared my enthusiasm, hoping one day we would have our pilot licenses. By early 2009, my husband had completed ground school and was preparing for his test. My children had planned to give him flying lessons for his birthday, but he died the month before. As it happened, by chance, I met someone who owns an airplane and we spent many hours talking and flying. I learned quite a bit from the right seat, working the radio, helping to plan routes, learning about charts. It was breath taking, flying out of the clouds and seeing the landing strip straight ahead and below us…like in a movie. My desire to become a pilot became a passion, a goal, number one on my bucket list! 

I dream of flying across the country and visiting my cousin in South Carolina. My plan is to continue and get an IFR rating, then a commercial and eventually become an instructor. My ground school instructor was amazed at the technical knowledge I grasped and suggested I teach ground school, even if I did nothing else. As I gain proficiency as a pilot, I could even become a Search & Rescue volunteer. I would also like to speak to different groups, especially high school and women's groups, to inspire and encourage them to become pilots and/or pursue a career in aviation. "Anything is Possible at Any Age!" My granddaughters (ages 7 & 9) are in awe of me, and tell their friends about my learning to fly. They are fascinated with the idea that I, a grandmother and a "girl," am going to be a pilot. Through my association with the SFV 99s and Women in Aviation, I have had the opportunity to work with the Young Eagles, the Girl Scouts, and the National Guard. I have had the good fortune to participate in the first "Girls In Flight Training" (GIFT) program offered by Mary Latimer in Vernon Texas. And now, I look forward to inspiring and mentoring through Girls with Wings. 

Since passing the written test and logging 5 hours of flight time in 2011, I have actively participated in the FAA Wings program, attending seminars almost weekly. My actual flying lessons have been delayed due to a lack of funds since my husband's death. After putting aside a portion of the small profit from the sale of my house in December 2012 and starting a part-time job this year, I have recently procured a flight instructor, Jackie Forsting, associated with American Aviation in Van Nuys. Although my recent lessons have concentrated on preflight and taxiing, this week’s lesson holds the promise of flight, with a possible destination of Camarillo! Receiving your scholarship would be a step forward in making my dream a reality and greatly help my flying budget. I am persistent, determined, and will let nothing get in my way of achieving my goals. With the wonderful mentors I have acquired along the way, and the support of family and friends, I can accomplish amazing things….while passing on my enthusiasm and knowledge to others, no matter what their age. 

Carpe Diem! Fly High with Clear Skies!

We wish you the best, Charlotte! We look forward to hearing about your training.

See the details of the 2014 Scholarship program starting January 1st, 2014.

Please note that the scholarships are funded by donations - so we need contributions from people like YOU to keep our program running. We always have way more deserving applicants than funds. Visit our donation page to help.

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