Monday, October 01, 2012

Brand New Pilot Meagan's Second Scholarship Essay!

I give to you the second essay from Meagan, the recipient of our 2012 Summer Private Pilot Scholarship. The Girls With Wings Scholarship Program provides funds for flight training to selected individuals with a willingness to be superlative GWW role models. Winners show potential to continue her interaction with the GWW organization, via the website and events, so she can assist GWW in encouraging more young girls to have an interest in aviation. Part of the obligation for being awarded the scholarship is to submit at least one picture and an associated journal entry once a month for three months to the Girls With Wings blog to share with others her training, as well as email a final essay summarizing how the scholarship helped her, what she learned and her intent to continue her work as a role model and volunteer for the Girls With Wings, Inc., organization. 
Stay tuned for more essays from our scholarship winners. And now, may we present Meagan's Essay:
Hi Lynda and Girls With Wings! 

AST 300
September was definitely a productive month of flight training! Now, that I'm a Private Pilot, I'm working towards my Instrument Rating and I'm having a blast doing it! I did all of my Private Pilot training in a Cessna 152. For my Instrument Rating, I'm training in the Cessna 172 and the AST 300 flight simulator. Flying in the flight simulator is a ton of fun! I remember when I was training for my PPL and would see other students flying in the simulator. I knew they were instrument students because they are the only ones that ever utilized the simulator, in order to improve their instrument scanning skills. I envied them and couldn't wait to be in their shoes! It's surreal to know that I'm now one of THEM. It feels so good to be progressing with my training and moving forward with taking the necessary steps in order to achieve my dream! 

On September 25th, I passed my first instrument stage check, with the chief flight instructor, at my flight academy. It was the best stage check I've had to date because it's the best I've ever performed on a stage check. He said "fly heading two one zero, descend and maintain four thousand five hundred, while maintaining 90 knots indicated airspeed." I was so focused and on target, therefore, those needles didn't move at all and were perfectly on line. It was so much fun to do well and passing the stage check gave me more confidence in moving forward with the next phase in my instrument training. Now, I will learn to fly instrument approaches, DME (Distant Measuring Equipment) arcs, and instrument departure procedures.

On September 28th, I received my Private Pilots License in the mail! It was soo exciting to finally receive it. Seeing it put a big grin on my face :) I still find it hard to believe that I've actually obtained it and there's something so reassuring and comforting to know that I'll have it forever. 

Now, that September has passed, I'm excited to see what October has in store for me. I'm currently looking for a third job, so that I may have money to pay for my flight training. Until then, I'll just keep studying and working as hard as I can. 

I'm so thankful to have the support of the Girls With Wings Organization. My goal, for October, is to share the objectives and goals of the Girls With Wings Organization with young girls in my local community. Stay tuned for more updates! 

"They used to tell me the sky's the limit, now the sky's my point of view."- Justin Bieber ;) 

- Meagan

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    Bravo Meagan! You are an inspiration.