Sunday, September 09, 2012

Giving and Receiving Thanks

Being the founder of Girls With Wings has been the single greatest, most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life.  Becoming a pilot has dropped to close second, but I couldn't do GWW without having done so. I took advantage of a deficiency - so few women in such a male dominated field - and turned it into an opportunity to inspire girls to have an interest in aviation. There's hardly any way to know if I've been successful over the last ten years or so (mainly because it's a little sensitive tracking minors). I'm hoping that they'll choose to contact me years from now if I was able to impact their lives in any form - aviation achievements or otherwise.

A supplemental mission became encouraging the older girls to finish up their pilot certificates, and thanks to many generous donations, we've been able to provide ELEVEN scholarships at $9000. However, the percentage of women pilots is still just a measly 6% overall. And though I have met a multitude of almost pilots who are now full blown pilots, they probably would have done it without me and my efforts through Girls With Wings. It is great, therefore, to receive such an enthusiastic thank you as I did from Natalie, one of our Spring 2012 Scholarship Winners who successfully received a Private Pilot License because of funds awarded by GWW and provided by the Antelope Valley Chapter of the 99s.

Dear Lynda,

Girls With Wings is an incredible organization. Thank you so much to you and the (Antelope Valley Chapter) 99s. I am honored that you believe in my aviation dream. This scholarship gave me the extra boost, determination, and encouragement to finish my Private Pilot License by the summer. I feel so fortunate and blessed for this incredible honor. It made an enormous impact on my life! Thank you for the support and advice, I truly appreciate it.

Looking forward to the next aviation goals: Ground Instructor and IFR (Instrument Rating). Now, I am working out the game plan to accomplish these ratings. Never enough hours in a day, I just love to fly! Three years ago I never thought this could become a reality. Yet, my dream was meant to come true. I am thankful to Girls With Wings and the (Antelope Valley Chapter) 99s for this encouragement to go after your aviation dream! 

Thank you for inspiring the future aviators of tomorrow! You are amazing! The time, effort and traveling as a pilot to motivational speaker is inspirational. You are sharing a passion that many do not realize is possible to learn to fly especially girls. Best wishes an may all your dreams for Girls With Wings come true!

Thank you and Happy Flying,

p.s. We need to fly soon!

Thank YOU, Natalie, for letting me know what Girls With Wings has meant to you.

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