Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Motivation

Sometimes when I'm explaining the mission of Girls With Wings to people, they kind of look at me funny ("wait, you want to encourage girls to have an interest in aviation... uh, why...??"). Every once in a while, someone shows me that not only am I right on track, I may be a little behind. As in, some girls are way ahead of me here.

As evidenced in this letter I just received:

Dear Ms. Meeks,

Thank you so much for your wonderful program, website and webstore. I bought my daughter 2 shirts and a pair of airplane socks for her birthday and she LOVES them - you can tell it's Monday at our house (the day after laundry day!!) if she is wearing her airplane shirt. Needless to say it has withheld many washings. I found your site looking for an airplane shirt for a young girl and I found so much more. Thank you so much for providing this to all girls, myself included. We have just sent her name to the moon thanks to your site, I would have never have heard of that program on my own. My daughters love of planes started young, around 2, and is growing right along with her. She is currently sleeping with a playschool plastic plane filled with little planes instead of stuffed animals. Her dad and I started out not knowing a lot about aviation two years ago and have enjoyed learning with her. She wore one of your shirts on her birthday trip to Pensacola to see the Blue Angles, who were so wonderful with all of the children and signed autographs (we don't wash that shirt!). They took the time to chat with them about flying, I was impressed and would recommend both the museum and your website to anyone interested in flying!!!

Thank You!!
Warmest Regards
Kristen and Zoe of Mississippi

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