Thursday, May 01, 2008

The May Girls With Wings eZine

The May eZine is here! For easier viewing.

The video taken at this year's Women in Aviation Conference has made it on to the site. Thanks to all of the enthusiastic attendees that stated their love for aviation on the record (or DVD, as it were). Thank you to GWW Kim for filming and editing. You, too, can submit a video of yourself to add to your bio, just email it to me. (Kim has a video of her solo on her bio...!)

My home state of Ohio may have designated May 7th as a day to recognize the importance of aerospace, but for Girls With Wings, every day is a day to increase awareness of aviation, aeronautics and aerospace! Aerospace: the science, technology and industry associated with aircraft, missiles, satellites and spacecraft.

For those of you that read my blog you know I will be celebrating this particular day (and the rest of May) by completing my Citation X training with my new employer, NetJets. If you haven't been hearing from me so much lately, it's because I've been studying. Read some tips on how to study a new airplane. The reality of a pilot's quest for continuous personal and professional improvement (or to fly new airplanes) is a topic I always bring up in my presentations to young girls. Life as a pilot is rarely boring! And it's those especially "exciting" times we train so hard for.

Congratulations are in order for GWW Becky , who just received news that she is the recipient of the Chris Hanley Memorial Scholarship for $1500 worth of flight training so can continue her progress towards her private license. Kudos also on that successful cross-country! Tell us if you hear of any scholarships.

New Item
Plane Pillows - we know you love airplanes, now you can snuggle with them!

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Coming Soon
Families With Wings, or "How to be a great wife, mother, and woman as well as a successful pilot." Email with your input.

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