Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Continuous training and improvement

I've been doing a number of career days and school presentations that had been set up before I got this new job at NetJets. It is time to buckle down and get studying. Got to know those memory items, limitations, SOP call outs and flight profiles.

I have such fun talking to kids from 1-12 grade. (In the picture I am explaining how the flight controls in a helicopter work!) One thing I try to get across to the kids is that even though I didn't consider myself very good at math or science - I have a BA in History - these are things I have to know to be a pilot. It's a great motivator to know you will be able to go fly if you just get through the basic building blocks. So don't rule out any careers just because there's an aspect of it you don't like. The rewards will be great.

Also, the most rewarding jobs require you to go through recertification training to keep your knowledge fresh. I have to do checkrides occassionally to prove I still know what I'm doing. And again, I have to go through training every time I start a new job or learn a new airplane.

Ok, that's it. Time to study. I'll be back!

p.s. If you are in the Northeast Ohio area and would be interested in having me present to your school, girl scout troop, etc., email me.

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