Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Journalist is looking for a Girl With Wings

I received a message today from an author looking for an interviewee - but with a short lead time (thursday). If it doesn't apply to you, or if you know of someone who it does, please forward it on. I personally think that being a "minor" airline pilot could qualify...

Contact information follows. Please mention Girls With Wings if you should follow up on this - and let me know how it goes!

name = Pat Olsen
email = POls1212@Hotmail.com
comments = I'm a journalist. Pilot/writer Kevin Garrison passed this site on to me. Would you please post this? For a possible first-person column in the biz section of a top U.S. daily, I'm looking for a female pilot with a major airline to talk about how she juggles this job along with a side business and kids.

Contact: Patricia Olsen, POls1212@hotmail.com


p.s. I do not have any other information, and have not confirmed the request.

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