Saturday, June 09, 2007

A view of the inside

Hey! I just realized I've never shown you the inside of the Beechjet that I fly. It only holds 8 passengers (if someone is willing to sit on the "potty"), but it's pretty comfy for the usual 1 or 2 people that we carry. We've spent this tour thus far mostly in the northern midwest; Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota. We spent last night in Rapid City, and I was impressed with the town and it's residents. Especially all of the furry ones; deer (saw them on the running trail), cows, and ground hogs (I think the locals probably would like to see fewer of these).

I've got some pictures in the hopper, so I hope to be able to post a few times this week. Things are just busy; I'm going to Atchison, KS, to be inducted into the 99s International Forest of Friendship, and after the next tour, going hiking in Utah for a week. Then, OSHKOSH! in July. IF you're going to Oshkosh and would like to help us out at our booth, we have a camper with some extra room where you could stay. Email me at if you're interested.

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