Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Beechjet Pilot

Hi All!

I finished my first week in the Beechjet doing IOE - Initial Operating Experience. Most airlines do this - put newbies with a designated Captain to learn the ropes either for the new aircraft or the company or both (I've been working with my employer for 5 years, so this is aircraft specific for me). We spent almost the entire week flying in the Southwest, which is really nice this time of year.

I am now "flying the line" with a regular line Captain. So far, we've been mostly in the Southeast! Much better to be in Florida when it's still relatively cool.

One big difference between the Citation I just got out of and the Beechjet is speed. The Beechjet has more power than it knows what to do with. We actually have to pull the power back at cruise so we don't exceed Vmo/Mmo (Velocity/Mach maximum operating speed). The Citation had the nickname "Slow-tation!"

These pictures were taken in West Palm Beach, FL, very early in the am before flying all day. My employer does a lot of maintenance at this airport, so there are always a lot of Beechjets to choose from. We flew in an airplane with a maintenance issue and picked up this one that was ready to go!
Talk to you again soon....


  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Is there a web site for men in aviation. Like umm Boys with Wings?

  2. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Ohyes i would like that too. Boys with Wings.... hmmmm yes... Oh no if us boyz were to do that we would be thought of as racist or anti femalelist os some other incomprehesnsible and poorly written word meaning we are against everyone except white heterosexual men. How bout Black Boys With Wings or Black Women with Wings or maybe ummmmm Spics with Wings.... or No neck Peruvians with Wings..... or How bout Idiot McCain with Wings who crashed 4 times and got other soldiers killed because he botched his missions and caused other people to have to finish the job afterwards and because of that now without secrecy of a mission. Yes Clubs are good.

  3. As a white female who belongs to Black Boys with Wings who support No Neck Peruvian Woman with Three Bladed Propellers, I am offended by that comment.

    Hee hee!

  4. I would like to thank the initial two anonymous posters for so succinctly demonstrating why organizations like GWW are important, and some of the challenges women face in professional aviation.

    Lynda, please keep up the great work and know that lots of folks who believe in what you're doing.

  5. Connie9:30 AM

    Are the Male Chauvinist Pigs organized?

  6. C. Dulin10:12 AM


    There are plenty of organizations with mostly male pilots, but if you'd like to start a new one, that's your prerogative. I doubt many males feel the need to join a group that is meant to be supportive, as they are still the majority.

    Should you start an organization, I'm sure you would appreciate if others refrained from criticizing it anonymously in online forums...Golden Rule still applies!

  7. Anonymous comments spewing ignorance bear no weight. Cowardice and lazy. You are doing an wonderful job inspiring people. Whenever you can affect real change, there are always unenlightened cowards who try to change your path as they hide behind the veil if anonymity. Ignore them and keep on keeping on.

  8. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Keep encouraging girls to reach their full potential, Lynda! You are making a positive difference in the world!!

  9. Since 94% of the pilot population is male, most of the aviation organizations out there are, too. All I have to do is go to a safety seminar to see that...the guys make a line for the bathroom but no waiting for the ladies. And as a female pilot with several ratings, I find myself even more in the minority with my male counterparts. As I give presentations and run aviation camps for girls, I find that men are still sending the message that flying is a male-only domain, and getting these girls exposed to the possibilities is so important. The message has to come from women who are in the field, or it doesn't carry the same validity. And chauvinism is alive and well...without the support of my female counterparts in the 99s and WAI, it would be hard to weather some of the nonsense out there.