Sunday, March 13, 2011

A new reason to love coffee

This morning, as usual, I sprung out of bed in anticipation of enjoying that first cup of coffee. Ok, so "sprung" may be an overstatement. But still, I was pretty psyched. If you're anything like me, your coffee gets you going in the morning. You're more productive with a cup of fresh brew in your hand first thing in the am. If you can't have that java fix in the morning you may suffer from headaches, or worse - your whole day may be shot. I'm right there with you. I think I'm addicted. And you may be too.

But never fear. I bring you the best reason ever to be a slave to a mood altering substance...

...It's the relationship Girls With Wings, Inc., just formed with a company called Flying High Coffee, LLC. I shouldn't probably use the words "addiction" and "high" in the same blog post, but there it is.

Rob Riggen, the Owner of Flying High Coffee, is offering to be the one "providing your daily lift." Provide it he did by providing me with a sample of Sumatra coffee. Oh, yum. As described on the website, "Our organic Sumatra coffee is earthy and full-bodied with very low acidity. It has a wonderfully heady aroma that hints at its boldness and complexity. The low acidity leaves no bite and allows for a lingering finish of intense flavors. This is a popular coffee and for very good reason." I completely agree.

And here's the best part. That relationship that I was talking about? If you buy some of Rob's yummy coffee, he will provide 15% of his profits to benefit Youth in Aviation. Specifically, the Girls With Wings scholarship. Now THAT, folks, is the kind of lift I can get behind. Er, uh, under. Well, you know what I mean.

Rob's innovative method of paying it forward in aviation is getting big press lately, including the Twin & Turbine March 2011 issue.  According to his research, 75% of aviation people are habitual coffee drinkers. If half of just the 400,000 AOPA members alone spend $200/yr on coffee, that's $40 mil spent on roasted beans. "Now imagine if each time someone in aviation drank a cup of coffee we could direct a few cents into scholarships." Even if you don't need an excuse for downing your steamy mug of brew, it's still nice to have an incentive.

Flying High coffee provides home, office and hangar delivery of its always fresh-roasted ground or whole bean coffee made in Essex Junction, Vermont. Please  visit for more information.

And while you're there, buy some coffee to help Girls With Wings make dreams take flight!

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