Sunday, January 03, 2010

Furlough is now official.

I started this blog entry on what was officially my last day as a pilot with NetJets. I know that I used that designation a couple of times, but I previously was referring to my last day flying with them, then the last day of my tour, then January 16th, which was my official furlough day (I will have another 'last day' - that day that my pay and benefits end).

This has been a rough time. I've never been furloughed before so I am wading through a bunch of paperwork - trying to figure out all of the ins and outs of "pausing" employment, like getting my vacation days and PTO (personal time off) paid, filing my last expense report, updating my standing bid and contact information (when we get recalled I only have 7 days to respond - don't want "undeliverable mail") and sending my stuff (like my crackberry and ID) back to the company. Sunday I registered for Ohio's unemployment benefits - surprisingly a not too difficult task. I only wish that my unemployment check would exceed the amount of my mortgage - government doesn't want us to get too comfortable sitting on the couch eating bon-bons I guess.

That being said, I am so lucky in that I am being furloughed instead of my company going out of business. If they had, I would not have access to COBRA, which will allow me to continue medical and dental benefits during this time and I would not have the job to look forward to going back to. Any pilot will tell you, now is not a good time to be looking for a flying position, so I expect to be able to have quite a bit of time working on Girls With Wings -- and there is a lot to do!

One of the projects I am working on in this new venture with Girls With Wings as a non profit is to gain tax exempt status with the IRS. This is the infamous 501(c)(3) status will allow tax deductible contributions to the organization.

But just like any IRS form, it is long and convoluted. I am having to answer questions like: "Have you ever or will you ever, act, think, or plan to do any of the following activities or anything resembling such actions as it pertains to a past, present, or future endeavor your organization undertakes or is even remotely considering participation? If so, who will be responsible for these events and in which way are they qualified? Include any publicity methods and materials along with the specific criteria under which you will take part in said activities...." Or something quite similar to that. Sheesh. They do not make it easy. But then again, no one wants a impostor organization skimming funds for vacations to Europe, either. I would love to hand this off to my assistant, but.... I don't have one. [Applications for this unpaid position are being gratefully accepted.]

Another top priority? Getting my CFI/CFII/MEI. More on that next time...

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